Garden & Retaining Walls Installation

Traditions Landscape Group specializes in segmental retaining walls. If there was one service you definitely want to hire a landscape professional, it would be installing a retaining wall. Retaining wall installation requires hours of testing & years of experience to be qualified. In many instances, walls require engineering, soil testing, geo-grid reinforcement, and even surveying so a properly executed retaining wall can be installed. Our team has years of experience, and understand the importance of a structurally sound retaining wall system that will also be an attractive and functional addition to your project.

In addition to large retaining wall systems, we do the small walls too!  We use a variety of local stone supplies that will provide quality, decorative stone material to border your landscape beds.  However, unlike segmental retaining walls systems, natural garden walls require much more creativity & detail due to the irregularity of the material we use.  Our designer is available to help you find the right material that fits your layout & your budget!

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