Outdoor Kitchens | Fire Pit

Extend your outdoor entertainment all winter long with a custom built outdoor fireplace and all season long enjoy a great place to have backyard cookouts. Imagine elaborate meals on the grill or just simple cookouts . Your guests and family will enjoy a great gathering place.

Traditions Landscape Group offers a wide range of residential landscaping services including Pergolas & Pavillions that can fulfill your every need. Providing a multitude of services year-round enables us to assist you with all aspects of the project, as well as work within your budget and complete your project when it’s convenient for you.

Patio Fire Pit
Outdoor Kitchen
outdoor kitchen

Personalized Service at its Best

We can create and design any type of outdoor project using CAD or a state-of-the-art 3D landscape program that brings your outdoor living dreams to life!

Your specialized service team will provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE, and based on the type of project you are looking to accomplish, we make every effort to work within your budget and provide you with this cost plan before your project is complete so that adjustments can be made, if necessary.

Once you and the administrative team have established a detailed budget proposal and design, our installation process will be managed by a customer-friendly & detailed team of installers that is primarily focused on efficiency & quality.

Traditions Landscape Group refuses to cut corners on quality. Unfortunately, ever industry has the issue of sub-par contractors, but we want our customer’s to be 100% satisfied so they will pass our name on to the next person who is looking to add a facelift to their home!  We hope that will be you!

Decorative Aluminum Fencing

Are you looking to accent your yard with a nice fence or are you looking for a way to keep the dogs and/or children in your backyard?  Or maybe to keep someone or something else out?